Thursday, July 23, 2009

Holiday Tips #1: Photos are The True Holiday's Memories

It's important to take photos of your holiday moments and places as after holiday is over you have no memories left except the one in your brain. Here are some few tips from me:

1. Bring your camera everywhere you go, because you'll never know what you'll see or meet on your holiday. SLR is recommended but camera pocket is lot more easier to carry.

We were at Regal Hotel in Hongkong and we were about to swim when I decided to bring my camera along instead of leaving it in hotel room. Amazingly the color of the sky was breathtaking. So glad that I did not leave it in the room.

2. Don't take only narcissm faces pictures, expand your photos to your surroundings. No one interested that much to see faces in the whole holiday pictures. Showing the place is more essential.

Photo is taken at Disneyland Hongkong, the city looks colorful and bright contrast to the dark night sky.

3. Take unordinary photos such as jump shot or model-alike pose! Ask your holiday's friends to be creative. It would be so fun!

Their ridiculous faces and poses brings smile to everyone who sees it.

4. Find interesting spot to take photos so your photos would be memorable.

5. Forget about photography technics, just push the button wherever and whenever you like. Just remember to bring extra batteries and memory cards.

So, what's your best holiday photo? Let's share!



Erwin/Ujang/Njus said...

agree that photos are the true holiday's memories.

but don't forget that taking photos is not the point of having a holiday..