Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Next Destination: Europe

I'm sorry I haven't posted anything lately since I was busy preparing for my next trip: EUROPE! Yeay! I'm planning to go on September 16 - 27, 2009 with the whole family except my biggest sister. We decided not to take a tour as most of the tour schedules are not fit to ours. Luckily, by arranging all of the trip by ourselves, I have plenty of things to share with you :)

For a start, I'm gonna give tips of what to prepare when you plan to go to Europe on your own:

1. Determine how many days you have and what countries you would like to visit.
  • Be rationale, having too many countries to visit while you only have few days means you will be very tired and not enjoying the trip.

  • Use google or trip advisor to do your research.

  • Make a list of every countries to visit and places to visit in each country.
2. Open the map and arrange the sequential of countries to be visited. For each country, arrange the sequential of places to be visited.
  • Try google map!

  • When you already knew the starting country and the final country, arrange the flight and book. Try Emirates or Etihad; or look for bargain prices from other airlines' promotion.

3. Considering the visited places in each country, determine how many days and night you would spend on each country.

  • By doing so, now you would be able to search for hotel and train schedule.

  • For hotel, I prefer to read the review on tripadvisor because it is very detail and including rank from the most recommended to the least.

  • For train, you could open the euro rail website to check schedule and fares. The website has just renovated, unfortunately i think the previous one is easier to use than the new website.

4. Book your hotel and train once you are sure about the schedule. Obtain confirmation of hotel booking for your visa application purposes.

5. Prepare for visa application purposes (I will listed down all documents need for visa Schengen application in my next posting). You will have to come to the Embassy by yourself to submit the documents and perform interview with the embassy officer.

6. List down your itinerary, write down the addresses as well as the timing to prevent from getting lost and late.

7. Pack your belongings

8. Go have fun in Euro Trip!