Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bad News: Euro Trip is Postponed :(

As seen on the title, my Euro Trip must be canceled due to problems in applying the Schengen Visa. We waited for hours outside the Swiss Embassy just to receive this bad news, here is the detail of what happen there:

1. The travel agent has registered us early in the morning to get the queue number. The registration open at 6am. We got number 9
2. At 9am, the interview was started. We got number 13 due to there are 4 applicants which didn't get the chance for interview from yesterday's queue.
3. At 10am, the security told us that the interview is postponed until informed again and due to reason which is not informed to the security. That's suck! We were waiting on the streets, under the heat and polluted air and they just informed like that, which is very unclear. Ow, and moreover, the last number who just got in is number 7 and the interview closed at 12pm.
4. At 11am, finally the interview was started again and the security called for number 8 - 12. Ouch, i didnt think we'll have enough time before our turn. Luckily, the number 11 was looking fo r exchange queue as the person was not ready.
5. Not very long, we met the madame, and she told us that we cant apply visa through Swiss Embassy as we will arrive at French first. Later she blame us as we used unfamous travel agent and the travel agent should inform her first to make interview schedule with us (how come most travel agent, not just mine, dont know any of that?).
And just like that, we can't continue this trip, as the interview schedule at French Embassy is fully booked until Sept 9, 2009; which means not enough time for the visa to be processed (10 days). But as I promised you before, I'll post here the requirement for applying Schengen Visa:
  • Passport, which has valid date more than 6 months from arrival date and old passport.
  • Color photo size 4x6, 2 sheets, with white background and clear appearance.
  • Sponsored letter in English, printed in the Company's letterhead from the company you work. Also mention the name of others/family member which travel with you.
  • If you were General Manager, Director, President Director or Commissioner, you must provide a copy of NPWP and SIUP. If you have your own business and do not have company's letterhead, then letter is printed on white paper and stamped by company's logo.
  • If you were sponsored by your child, then provide the birth certificate. If sponsored by son-in law, provide the marriage certificate also.
  • If you were a retirement, provide a letter stated your status and signed.
  • Copy of savings account from the first page to the last page of transaction (minimum Rp50 million/ person)
  • Reference letter from Bank (original). Must be the same bank of your savings account. The letter must mention the name, savings account number, amount and the first date of transaction.
  • Copy of credit card
  • Copy of family cards
  • Rename letter, if any
  • Marriage certificate, if your spouse is travelling with you.
  • If your children are travelling with you, provide: student card, birth certificate and school reference letter
  • Print out of ticket reservation / original ticket (fyi, they trusted original ticket more, the madame told us that printed electronic ticket is not acceptable).
  • Hotel confirmation during your stay in Europe (all hotel, if you miss 1 night, they will ask it)
  • Travel insurance during your travel in Europe with total amount of US$50,000 or 30,000 euro.
  • Visa Application form, which has completed and signed.
  • You must come to the embassy to perform interview. Attach the passport with the supporting document and separate per person.

Basically that's what you have to prepare before you applying Schengen Visa. You must pay fee of Rp890,000 and the money will be gone if your visa is rejected, unless you are rejected during the interview, you dont have to pay.

Sadly ones,



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