Saturday, August 22, 2009

Trip to Umang Island (Pulau Umang)

I once wrote about Umang Island in Bahasa at my previous random blog. I rewrite it and put more infos here :)

Umang Island is located at Sunda Strait, from Jakarta you must take the Kebon Jeruk highway and out at Serang Gate, and take the road to Pandeglang. Basically it is the same route to Tanjung Lesung or Ujung Kulon. The trip with car needs approximately 5 - 6 hours from Jakarta, a very long and boring route. Below is the map you might need.

To arrive at Umang Island, we stop the car at a village called Sumur. From Sumur, we cross the sea with wooden boat, it only take 10 minutes to get there. The charge of boat is already included in the package when you make reservation to stay there.

the pier at Umang Island

Once you arrived, you'll see a beautiful glass house which is headed to the beach. The pool is in front of the glass house and there is a patio near the pool site for guests to enjoy sunrise. The glass house is the place where lunch and dinner are served. Fyi, lunch and dinner is included in the resort package as there is no other restaurant in the island and you are not allowed to bring food on your own. According to my last visit on June 2008, the food rating is poor so you better bring some instant noodles in case you are not pleased with the food. However, during dinner you'll be entertain by live music and guests are invited to participate, which is quite entertaining.

the glass house and the pool

the patio

The villa is two floor villa, where the bed is upstairs (for 2 people). If you bring more than 2 people, you could rent another villa or ask for extra bed. The extra bed is quite comfortable though. There is only 1 bathroom in each villa, which has nice design and half open air. The room is wide and comfortable (with AC), although not very clean. In front of each villa, there is a gazebo, which is suitable for chatting or enjoying the beach.

the bedroom

The beach in Umang Island is not very nice to be played as there is many rocks, but you could enjoy both sunrise and sunset in this island. If you love water sports, you can ask the local guide to transfer you to Oar Island, which is only 5 minutes from Umang Island. At Oar Island, you wouldn't find any villas, there is only white sandy beach surrounded by bluish water, which is perfect for playing water sports or just enjoying the clear beach. You can play banana boats, jet sky or go snorkeling. Just arrange it with the local guide. They might be a little pricey, so you must bargain!

Beach in Umang Island

Beach in Oar Island

One thing I'm impressed with the Umang Island is the welcome and friendly officers. They always smile and gladly help you with informations. The warm attitude is not just on our arrival, but it lasts until we depart from the island. Based on my chit-chat with the resort officers, the 5 hectars island and also the Oar Island are owned by Indonesian businessman named Christian William.

Back in 2008, the price per person is Rp600,000 per night, which is already included the accomodation, the boat transfer from Sumur and the food (lunch+dinner). For transfer to Oar Island, snorkeling and banana boat you will be charged extra money. However, based on my research in the website, they have holiday package for 4 adult, where the price is Rp1,200,000 per person, but already included the trip to Oar Island and snorkeling.

In my opinion, the beauty of this place is lessen due to the fact that the nature is not original. However, this place is recommended for Jakarta's people who are searching for places to relax and loves beaches and luxury. Compared to Anyer or Carita, in which the beach is dirty and too many hawkers, Umang Island is clearer and more quiet. Nice place to getaway from noise and for daydreaming.

Interested? you can call PT GSM Griya Sukses Mandiri on +6221-5315-3008 or send message to +628567160999. Have a nice trip, all!